Create a place where people can change their lives through opportunities.

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Spur Product Team
Join our mission to be the most worker-centric company on the planet. As part of our philosophy, we offer our workers access to thousands of different jobs to fit their schedule, help facilitate training so they can find the perfect jobs for their lifestyle, and provide access to better quality healthcare and faster pay.

How We Work to Build Opportunity

At Spur, we always put our users first, seek out fresh, creative ways to solve problems using new technology, and have zero red-tape.

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Who is more important than what.

Our most important assets are the people who work on our team. We should treat each other in a way consistent with this fact.

Transparency and ownership.

We strive for a transparent, non-political atmosphere where we encourage ownership, hard work, and leaning on the many smart people around you.

Constantly learn and improve.

We look for opportunities to make ourselves and the company better, and then take action. We’re passionate about the work we do.

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